"Jennifer Trainor is an honest singer. She has no use for pomp and circumstance. Instead, she uses her natural voice to present a lyric. Now that is what I call refreshing."
Michael Anthony

"Jennifer Trainor is one of my favorite singers. Her relaxed, easy manner with a song is a delight to listen to. She has a natural style, and is blessed with a lovely voice.It's always a pleasure to play her CD on my radio shows on both WPLM in Plymouth, and WGBH in Boston.
Congratulations Jennifer on a Marvelous Journey through The Great American Songbook. We need more artists like you!"
Ron Della Chiesa
WGBH, Radio / Boston
WPLM, Radio / Plymouth

"Jennifer Trainor is one of the very few promising young girl singers working today. I am thrilled to know that she is out there performing and learning her trade. Many try, but few succeed. Jennifer is alerady an accomplished artist.
I listen to the great singers 20 hours a week: Ella, Sarah, the great singers from the big band days, and the unique specialists such as Maggie Whiting, Sarah Partridge, Julie Budd, and so many more. After 40 years of exposure to these great artists, along comes one who, if she stays with it, will become one of the legends. This young lady is so good that I really can't get enough of her music."
Peter Dill

Jennifer Trainor is a GOOD singer. One of the best of the current "new crop!" Her album, "Call Me" is a very good mix of adult standards, covering a range of songs that will cut through several demographic groups! From "Call Me" the Johnny Mathis hit of the 50's to the evergreen "Begin the Beguine", there's something for almost everyone in this album. All the tunes are delivered very well by Miss Trainor. I would highly recommend this album to music lovers anywhere. I have played it on both of my programs and the audience reaction was very positive!!
Jim Kelso, Producer & Host
Make Believe Ballroom & Big Band Dance Party on WTEB & WNOS