Boston based vocalist Jennifer Trainor began shaping her music career in the late eighties in piano bars and lounges while working professionally as a standup comedienne. After an appearance on A&E's An Evening At The Improv in 1992, Jennifer returned to Boston determined to focus more on musical performance and song writing. With her warm sound and swinging style, often compared to Karen Carpenter's, Jennifer quickly became a popular player on the main stream jazz scene, regularly receiving enthusiastically positive responses from her audiences. In 1996, Jennifer performed a series of one woman shows at The Comedy Studio In Harvard Square in which she blends original monologues with pop standards. Her compact disc, Jennifer Trainor/ CALL ME, a recording of standards, receives regular airplay nationally on radio stations including WHPC, New York and WGBH, Boston.

Jennifer's understanding of a well-constructed pop song is evident in her own song writing. Inspired by her two favorite composers, Cole Porter and Brian Wilson, Jennifer's compositions are both lyrically colorful and melodically memorable. Qualities that lend a song to longevity and coverability.

Ms. Trainor's unique sound and fresh style hold the magic of past eras. Musical moods which are being rediscovered today.

Ms. Trainor is a seasoned performer with years of diverse experience. A performer who can engage and humor an audience. A singer who can touch and mesmerize the listener. Jennifer Trainor is an artist for the new millennium.